How to Paint Windows Black: No Taping Required

Black widows have been, and continue to be, on the upward push in reputation. They are very aesthetically desirable and upload a lot visually to the exterior and indoors of the house. But they can be a bit steeply-priced compared to conventional white windows.

Henry and I decided to splurge and go along with black home windows some years ago on our cutting-edge farmhouse. Although we wanted each outdoors and interior black, we observed out in no time we’d keep lots by way of most effective ordering black at the exterior and leaving the inside unfinished wooden. But this meant that they could have to be painted on website online.

It seemed like a daunting mission, but turned out to now not be that terrible at all.


Wether you are putting in state-of-the-art home windows on a new creation like we did, or you want to give your modern-day windows a fresh contemporary appearance with, right here is an smooth technique you may use to color your home windows black.


This job doesn’t require a whole lot of equipment and cloth. The most obvious tool is a superb paint brush, but maybe the most vital is the massive putty knife. With it, there may be no want for painters tape. It makes getting a nice smooth straight facet extremely good smooth!

We used a 2″ paint brush. This length is great for slicing in and portray smaller areas.

The actual hero of this project is the putty knife. I will move into detail later about this.

You will also want a damp small rag and of course the paint. We used a tinted Kiltz for the primer and a black oil based totally cupboard and trim paint for the final coat.


After putting in place, you’ll need to remove all locks from the window. This can be achieved with a screwdriver or a drill. More than possibly the screws could have phillips heads, so that you’ll need a phillips bit.

It’s a terrific idea to position all of the locks and screws in bag or box to make certain they don’t get lost, out of place, or thrown out with the aid of mistake.

After you get rid of the locks and hardware, and before making use of any paint, it’s very crucial to smooth the surface of the window frames with a damp cloth to take away any particles and dust. This will assist you get a smooth finish.

If you’re painting double hung windows, you’ll want to color the pinnacle sash first. To do this, release the lowest sash and permit it lay down against the bottom of the window to get it out of the way.

Now slide the top sash down approximately an inch so that you can see the whole frame.

Now you may want to use an amazing coat of primer. This is where the putty knife turns into extraordinarily available. With it, there’s no need to painters tape, which I have in no way been fond of.

Hold the threshold of the putty knife firmly with one hand at an perspective where the grille or frame meets the glass. With your different hand, paint the grille or body all of the manner all the way down to the threshold of the putty knife. Then pass the putty knife to the following section and preserve portray.

When you pull the putty knife away, ensure you don’t scrape it towards the region you simply painted.

This method looks as if a no-brainer, but once I first discovered the way to do that, it became a complete recreation changer for reaching a high-quality immediately aspect.

Once you finish applying the primer to the pinnacle sash, fold the bottom sash and up and follow a coat of primer to it.

Leave each sashes barely open whilst the primer coat drys. This will prevent from rubbing or sticking to the seals.

The subsequent day is the a laugh element and whilst the transformation simply takes vicinity. It’s time for the black paint to be applied. Brush at the paint the usage of the same method as you did with the primer.

After you’re finished, you may need to allow some other 24 hours to dry. You may additionally need to copy with a second coat in case you see primer showing via. But for our home windows, we most effective had to apply one coat of the black paint.

The closing step is to position the locks lower back on, and experience your new black home windows!

This process can take a few days relying on how many home windows you are painting, but will save you thousands of greenbacks on new windows, or it is able to completely rework your cutting-edge white windows!

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Post Perfect Once How To Paint Windows Black: No Taping Required
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Post Unbelievable After How To Paint Windows Black: No Taping Required
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Post Fortuitous Therefore How To Paint Windows Black: No Taping Required

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